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Pediatric Surgery Services and Specialties

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The Miracle of Minimally Invasive Surgery

Services and Specialties
Thanks to advances in medicine, many surgeries can be performed on children through an opening no bigger than a dime, and in many cases even smaller. Using minimally invasive surgery, highly trained pediatric surgeons make two or three tiny incisions.  The surgeon then inserts a fiber optic camera and miniaturized instruments through these incisions in order to perform the operation. 

When surgery is needed, trust us to provide your child with the best possible care. Our experienced, knowledgeable team of surgeons specializes in pediatric surgery, so we understand your child’s unique physiology and needs.  Please click on the link below to view a list of conditions and procedures commonly found and performed in children.  If you do not see your child's particular condition listed below, or if you would like to know whether we perform a particular operation, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.