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Conditions We Treat

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Conditions We Treat | Advanced Pediatric Surgical Specialists
Our Pediatric surgery team is highly trained in minimally invasive surgery, and when feasible, no longer make large incisions during surgery, as done in the past.  Today, two or three small instruments are inserted directly into the abdomen or chest; one carries a high-definition, fiber optic camera and light source while the others have miniaturized instruments.  Through minimally invasive surgery, very precise procedures can be conducted through very small holes, often requiring just a stitch or no stitches to close.

The benefits of minimally invasive procedure are numerous.  For children, minimally invasive surgeries often yield faster recovery times, reduced wound complications, and minimal scarring.  While we can't measure the success of the operation in terms of how fast the infant or child returns to work, as is done in adults, a faster recovery usually means that the entire family can return to a normal life more quickly.